Beginning in Design

“Every great design begins with an even greater story.”

-Lorinda Mamo, Designer

Drawing a water bottle.

Left: My first sketch, Day 1. Right: Sketch of the same object, Week 5.

This post marks the start of my formal Design journey. Those words were chosen carefully, to avoid conflating my start on this journey with my start at designing. I’ve been designing for as long as I can remember.

Now, I’m following my own curriculum to polish my innate design capabilities with design fundamentals. The first step in that coursework is designing the tangible, and designing for function. And the first part of designing tangible objects is sketching. I’ve always titled myself, “Bad at Drawing.” But after learning a few principles, such as 2-point perspective, I’ve been able to create clear sketches of basic objects!

While I’m positive I can pick up these concepts and strengthen my design skills, the most important portion of my curriculum is sharing my designs publicly. I’m looking forward to the criticism I’ll (hopefully) receive from more experienced designers and non-designers alike. This running portfolio is a way to share my designs, hold myself accountable, and easily compare my growth over time.

If all goes well, my future self will find these sketches embarrassing and un-recognizable.

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